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Women empowerment to ensure strong Pakistan: Altaf

Women empowerment to ensure strong Pakistan: Altaf

Calls for urgent Balochistan solution , Condemns gender discrimination , Addresses women rally

Nasir Mahmood

Monday, February 20, 2012 - Karachi—MQM Chief Altaf Hussain has vowed to work for women empowerment in Pakistan and enacting laws for their protection and due rights in the society.

“The MQM raised its voice for rights of women in Parliament and at every forum with bravery and courage. It was MQM who got approved bill against the women harassment in the National Assembly,” Altaf said while addressing a large women rally, titled ‘Baikhtiar Aurat – Mazboot Pakistan’ (Strong Pakistan – Empowered Women) at Bagh-e-Jinnah, Mazar-e-Quaid here on Sunday.

He said that women empowerment would ensure strong and prosperous Pakistan. He feared that Balochistan would be lost if the problems facing the province were not addressed. He demanded that missing persons of Balochistan should be united with their loved ones. The MQM chief said that MQM was not against any nationality, adding its struggle was aimed against feudal lords and plunderers.

Famous singer Shazia Khushak presented her popular songs in various languages amid dance by girls and MQM leadership.

Altaf demanded recovery of 28 missing workers of his party, calling upon the rulers to take immediate steps for recovery of other missing persons belonging to various political groups and nationalities.

He claimed that the rally was being attended by one million women. “This is a historic rally in Pakistan, a rally of MQM’s one million women supporters. The country has never witnessed such mammoth political meeting of women activists,” the MQM chief said.

He said his party has always raised a strong voice for women’s rights. He said only leadership of masses could solve the problems of the country. Altaf Hussain said the black tribal customs should be changed now and should give freedom and empowerment to women. He stressed for solving the problems of womenfolk living in the rural areas and stressed for boosting female literacy. He said his party would continue to raise voice for the downtrodden people of the country and would bring a bright future for them.

Criticizing the US resolution on Balochistan, he questioned as to why the learned brains of Pakistan failed to pay heed to the pressing situation of the province and address its issues? He termed the current unrest in Balochistan as a failure of government, warning that the province had been pushed to the brink of separation. The MQM Chief said if every citizen was ensured his rights, the concept of minority would automatically fade away. He said MQM wanted politics to be done in the country on the basis of merit and that it wanted an end to hereditary politics, terming it no less than ‘a thuggery’.

He termed the acid throwing and domestic violence against women as in human. He also demanded exemplary punishment to those involved in such inhuman activities. He also urged the government to provide relaxation in sentences to women detained in jails. Women were the integral part of society and we could never consider about success and development without involving women in social and economic matters, said the MQM chief.
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