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Punjab Govt to establish 1500 Bio-gas plants

Staff Reporter

Sunday, January 15, 2012 - Multan—Provincial Minister for Agriculture Ahmad Ali Aulakh said that punjab government would establish 1500 family size (15 cubic metre) bio-gas plants in all districts across the province. Addressing the ceremony of bio gas technology here at Agriculture Mechanic research organization (EMRI), Ahmad Ali Aulakh, said that bio-gas plant technology would be a source of continuous supply of gas for home consumption and prevent environmental degradation. He said that after bio-gas plants slurry 20 percent crops production would be increased. He further informed that the arrangements were also made for purchasing sugarcane at Rs 150 per maund.

Director General field Agriculture, Dr Muhammad Yasin said that a total of 54 million animals were produced in Pakistan while 26 million cubic metre bio-gas will get through animal’s dung and 28 million ton bio fertilizers also made from animals dung annually.

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