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Why we should keep our environment clean

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 - THE word environment simply refers to our surroundings. Nowadays the word environment is often referred to the overall condition of our simple words environment is our surrounding. The surrounding that is providing us home,food,job opportunities and many more things but instead of improving it we are making it worse day by day by our intentional and unintentional main thing that is continuously degrading our environment is pollution caused by us.

Being a muslim we all know that cleanliness is half of faith but still we are continuously polluting our environment. Cleanliness does not mean that we should keep ourself clean but one aspect of cleanliness is that we should also take care of our surroundingwhich is continuously polluting. This is also one of the major difference between animals and humans that human take care of the cleanliness. our environment is our home so it is obligatory to take good care of it.

Pollution is the introduction of contaminants in the natural environment. There are different types of pollution like air, water, soil, noise pollution. The pollution is contributing to the health problems and also lower our quality of life. The different air contaminants includes smoke from the vehicles, industries, smoke from different other household combustion practices that is contributing NOx, SOx, COx to the environment. Due to increase amount of these contaminants global problems are caused like global warming, acid rain, etc.

Several diseases are caused due to pollution. According to World Health Organization almost a quarter of all diseases are caused by environmental exposure. some common diseases caused by air pollution are respiratory infections, skin diseases, allergies, asthama and lung diseases. While we are adding up pollutants in the environment we don’t think about the negative impact of that pollutant.

Daily we add several contaminants to the water. The general contaminants which are added to water by our carelessness includes antibiotics, asbestos, chlorine, endocrine disruptors, floride, pesticides, heavy metals, radioactive materials. All such things heavily pollute the water which then causes harm to aquatic life as well as to humans. There are several waterborne diseases that are common in our country are typhoid fever, gastroenteritis, diarrhea, hepatitis A, and several other parasitic, viral and bacterial infections. Increased water pollution also creates breeding ground for mosquitoes that causes malaria.

In order to protect living things from all kind of harmful diseases and to maintain aesthetics of our environment we should keep it clean. Our little contribution can make a big difference, by adopting simple steps like using a nearby dustbin to throw the waste, minimizing the use of unnecessary products, by adopting the habit of reuse, recycling of things we can save our environment from further degradation.

—Sumaiya Shafiq, University of Peshawar.

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