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Efforts needed to deliver children’ right to education

Staff Reporter

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 - Islamabad—Comprehensive sector plans and coordinated action are urgently needed to deliver the right to education to all Pakistani children as promised in Article 25A, stated a recommendation of the citizens’ dialogue with international donors held here today.

The dialogue was organized by Pakistan Coalition for Education (PCE), Society for the Access to Quality Education (SAQE), Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE) and Foundation of Open Society Institute.

The speakers argued that citizens needed to be engaged in transforming the education sector through political and governmental action.

They said that the 18th Amendment has unfolded both a serious challenge and a huge opportunity to set things right in education sector.

The speakers asserted that the provision of free and quality education was responsibility of the State, and all the governments were bound to commit financial resources, embrace the private sector and ensure that all children attend school and stay there to learn.

The dialogue debated the findings of citizens’ perceptions about sector wide approaches in education.

The key findings suggested that the parents were disappointed, dismayed and therefore disengaged from the public sector, therefore it was incumbent upon the political leadership to lead the transformation in education.

Arshad Bhatti, the lead researcher presented the key findings; Zehra, the National coordinator of PCE hosted the dialogue; S A Hasan Al Farooque, ASPBAE representative in South Asia shared background of the initiative with the participants, while Nargis Sultana from FOSI concluded the session.

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