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Population bomb

Ali Inayat

Saturday, November 05, 2011 - Total population of the world touched the figure of 7 million. In 19th century it was just one billion and in one and half century 1.5 billion added, while 4.5 billion increased just in 60 years. That has increased rapidly. It is really a critical increase in the population. But the more important thing to note and highlight is Pakistanís contribution in the population. Pakistan adds 180 million to that number of seven billion. It makes Pakistan more vulnerable country. Pakistan is already confronting with number of challenges such as poverty, food shortage, unemployment, illiteracy, feuds on property, extremism, terrorism and so forth. All these challenges are interlinked and interdependent on each other. Owing to population pressure, it becomes difficult for any government to fulfill the needs of its public. It becomes difficult to create employment opportunities for all, education to all, provision of law and order and so forth.

For completion the phase of transition, we become successful to control our mortality. Family planning related initiatives were implemented but did not become successful. The reasons beyond failure were various, but the major ones were socio-cultural. Various socio-cultural interpretations were given to control the fertility. As a result, population of Pakistan increased rapidly and has become a real challenge of the time.

At present, the population of Pakistan has become a bomb and its burst will destroy our whole country. Therefore, it is a need of the hour that all stakeholders should play their significant role to stop this bomb. The policy makers and the concerned authorities should further make their policies cultural sensitive and try to make justifications and interpretations from the culture. Awareness campaigns and initiatives should be started and the religious stakeholders should be involved in the process. Because, religion is very strong institution, so people can be easily mobilized and they will be ready to control their fertility. The public should be told if parents fail to fulfill the basic needs of their children then it is also not a justice. There are various children rights given by our religion. So, the policies formulated and initiatives taken to control population can be result oriented.

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