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Muslim Town flyover completion by March 23

Thursday, October 13, 2011 - Lahore—The construction of Muslim Town Flyover at Ferozepur Road near Gaddafi Stadium would be completed by March 23. Sabir Khan, Project Director, told APP on Wednesday that this would be a bigger project than the Kalma chowk flyover in terms of cost and length. Kalma chowk flyover (660 meters) was completed this year in record time of 135 days, incurring cost of Rs 2.3 billion.

The official explained that the estimated cost of Muslim Town Flyover was Rs 3.5 billion, adding that it would be 200 percent larger than Kalma chowk project. This flyover would be raised from Police Workshop/Pakistan Industrial Technical Assistance Centre (PITAC) Ferozepur Road to end in front of WAPDA Hospital.

He added that one of the two main limbs of the bridge would be of 1.1 Kilometre and the other of 0.95 Km, besides a 350 metres long branch lane from Kalma Chowk side which would drop at Wahdat road intersection.

Sabir Khan said that apparently this mega project needed a period of more than nine months to complete but the Chief Minister Muhammed Shahbaz Sharif has given the task to complete it within six months by utilizing maximum resources and same technique as was used in Kalma chowk project.

He said that in order to save the existing infrastructure of Canal Underpass, water supply, sewerage and electrification etc, the engineers were working carefully at the site.—APP

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