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Punjab govt’s facebook ‘Shahbaz Sharif Anti-dengue Community’ launched

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Saturday, October 08, 2011 - Lahore—Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif formally launched Punjab government’s facebook page at University of Lahore to promote public awareness for the eradication of dengue virus, here today. The facebook page has been given the title of Shahbaz Sharif Anti-dengue Community through which people especially students will be mobilized in the campaign against dengue virus. The facebook contains preventive measures against dengue virus and the steps taken by Punjab government against this menace. Elected representatives, head of Indonesian medical team, teachers, doctors and a large number of boy and girl students were present on the occasion.

Addressing the ceremony, the Chief Minister said that launching of the facebook page will help mobilize young generation in strengthening the efforts for curbing dengue virus. He said that awareness campaign for the eradication of dengue virus is continuing vigorously and participation of youth and students in the drive will be encouraging.

He said that young generation which is a precious asset as well as the guarantee of a bright future of Pakistan is playing a vanguard role in the war against dengue virus. He said that through the facebook, more useful information would be available to the youth and the entire community will be able to participate in the drive against dengue. He said that dengue virus is found everywhere including houses, parks, government offices, shops and the efforts of government for its eradication will prove fruitful only if the entire society took an active part in this campaign.

He said that Indonesia has been fighting this menace for the last 50 years, Sri Lanka for 30 years and Thailand for half a century while Pakistan is beset with this problem for the last five years. He said that Punjab government is making determined efforts against the disease from the very beginning and everything humanly possible is being done for coping with this challenge.

He expressed the hope that with the grace of Allah Almighty and the tireless efforts of elected representatives, institutions concerned and all segments of the society, the problem will be overcome in a shorter period than other countries. He said that there is a need to fight dengue virus and not to be afraid of it. He said that experts have described dengue as a social problem, therefore, all members of the society will have to play their role for curbing dengue virus and bring about a change in their lifestyle.

The Chief Minister formally inaugurated Shahbaz Sharif Anti-dengue Community Facebook by pushing a button. The address of the page

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