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Three killed in NW drone strike

Staff Reporter

Saturday, October 01, 2011 - Peshawar—Amid growing resentment against drone attacks on Pakistani in the All Parties Conference in Islamabad, which vowed to defend country’s integrity at all costs, the American planes in a fresh missile hit in South Waziristan Agency Friday afternoon killed at least three people.

Local officials as well as the foreign media claimed those killed included an important commander of Mullah Nazir group namely Halimullah who perished alongwith two companions.

Reports reaching here from Wana, the summer headquarters of South Waziristan agency say the pilotless planes hit a vehicle in Tehsil Barmal some twenty five kilometers west of Wana near Pak Afghan border with two missiles which destroyed the vehicle completely killing all the inmates.

They were travelling from Angoor Adda to Wana near Moosa Neka Ziarat after Friday prayers. Sources told Pakistan Observer they were not sure about the identity of those killed in US missiles hit.

The locals rushed to the site of the drone attack, retrieved with great difficulty the dead bodies of the victims and shifted them to Wana. High officials when contacted, though confirmed the drone attack and killing of alleged militants, remained tight lipped about the killing of Commander Halimullah and comrades.

Drones, it may be recalled, have been on the killing spree in Pakistani tribal belt for the last about three years and during over 250 missile hits initiated in August 2008, have killed more than two thousand people mostly innocent tribals.

Unfortunately, all the appeals made by the Pakistani rulers always fell on deaf earns of those in Washington who claimed the drone strikes proved productive in hunting the Al-Qaeda elements in Pakistan’s northern tribal belt.

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