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ECD teacher training programme

Thursday, August 11, 2011 - Chitral—The Eagle Eye Educational Institute awarded certificates on conclusion of its Early Childhood Development teachers training program held here on Wednesday Twenty two participants took part from various educational NGOs including the Aga Khan Education Services, Chitral, I-Read, Anmol, the ITREB, Chitral and Eagle Eye School.

The training program was based on the High scope approach which focuses on active, direct hands on experience of children with people, objects events and ideas. While offering choices based on their interests, the children construct their own knowledge through interaction with the materials and people around them. Teachers and parents offer physical emotional and intellectual supporting active learning setting. The participants were given an opportunity through provision of time and resources to create low/no cost teaching materials for their classrooms.

The teaching focused on enhancing the practical skills of the trainees especially in the area of story telling, poems, games and other creative arts. Developing reflective practice through writing daily reflective journals was an important expectation during the training.—APP
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