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Islam unites, mullahs divide!

Momina Ashier

Friday, August 05, 2011 - Once again Ramadan started with the traditional confusion. Swiftly at 11:45 Mufti Shahabuddin of Masjid Qasim Ali khan made announcement that witnesses of the moon had been received and Monday would be the first day of fasting month in Peshawar and adjoining areas.

While the other Ulma sighted moon on Monday evening. Every year we start the blessing month of Ramadan with such controversy and give a chance to world to make mockery of us. In this scientific world when scientists are sending space rockets and even cars on Mars in order to test out the availability of water in different parts of Mars and Moon, we are in conflict on Ramadan moon. We quarrel on moon sighting. Whereas most of the moon positions are available on internet and one can check the moon position in its location with little effort.

There are many institutions of Mathematics and Astrology in Pakistan which can help these Mullahs in order to resolve the moon righting issue. We are acquiring science facilitation for Prayer timings then why not for Ramadan moon! We should not forget that the more science is moving ahead the more itís proving Islam the best religion. Itís the responsibility of the State to enforce unity on moon sighting, and for this enforcement, strong writ of Government is needed in every corner of countryside. Saudia Arabia, Iran, Turkey etcetera, are vast countries but no one disputes over the day of Ramadan or Eid once announced by the state. In all Muslim countries Islam unites but in our country sorrowfully Mullah Divides, we are in dire need of unity on this matter as well!

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