Pakistan Observer

Street crimes in Pakistan

Sidra Akram

Wednesday, August 03, 2011 - I want to bring to the attention of government, the increase of street crimes. Daily we hear of murders, robberies and rapes. These are categorized as “street crimes”. Some crimes are senseless and preventable. Mobile phone snatching, car (autos) snatching on gun point, purse snatching from women and target killing are also street crimes that are newly introduced. The main reasons of these crimes are unemployment, illiteracy, poverty and inability of the institutions, responsible to maintain law and order. Government must take preventive measures as early as possible otherwise they will take the whole society in grip of street crimes.

In the first instance, sincere steps must be taken to solve the unemployment problem,. Existing education system provide incentives to poor people and training of police department on modern scientific lines.

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