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6 women among 210 Pakistanis languishing in US jails

Sunday, July 24, 2011 - Islamabad—Two hundred and ten Pakistanis including 6 females are languishing in US jails on various charges ranging from immigration, espionage, larceny, fraud, possession of weapons to robbery incidents, according to the list provided to the parliament by the Foreign office According to the list , two females Parveen Bhatti and Hina Hafeez are serving sentence since June 2008 in fraud case, Hira Ashraf and Sher bano Mosa from November 2009 for overstaying on visa, Huma Javed since Sept 2008 for over staying and Dr Aafia Siddiqui since August 2008 for espionage.According to the list, Abu Rehman Abdul Rabi Rahim and Mohammad Ahmed Ghulam who were arrested along with Saifullah Paracha in Sept 2004 have been shown as Pakistani citizens. Similarly Balochi Ammar Lavar Khan Majeed is in US custody for past seven years but is not yet been indicted. Majority of the arrested Pakistanis have been arrested on violation of immigration charges. 2008 was cited as the year in which most Pakistanis were jailed in US.A Pakistani named Sohail Qazi is rotting in US jail since 1972 for violating immigration law. Similarly Mukhtar Faisal is also serving jail sentence since 1979 and no charges have been shown against him..—Online

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