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‘Kalwangi’ useful for treatment of arthritis, heart diseases

Staff Report

Saturday, July 16, 2011 - Rawalpindi—’Kalwangi’ or Nigella seeds are useful for treatment of arthritis as well as heart diseases which has also been proved by the modern research, President, Islamic Health Research Association, Dr. Muhammad Riaz said on Friday.

In a statement issued here, he said by taking some seeds of Kalwangi early in the morning, a person can protect himself from several diseases.

According to 12 years research of Dr.Riaz, Kalwangi can also be useful for diabetics. The medicines made of Nigella seeds not only completely cure diabetes but also overcome the weakness. Talking about Quran therapy, a method to treat patients through verses of Holy Quran, he said that’Surah-e-Taha’ has miraculous effects as it could successfully cure deadly diseases especially liver cancer and Hepatitis-B and Hepatitis-C.

Dr. Riaz, who also delivers lectures at literary conferences, educational institutions and some private television channels said some Islamic researchers were unanimous in saying that ‘Surah-e-Rehman’ was useful to cure a patients suffering from depression and anxiety.

He said by using verses of Surah-Al-Noor, a patient suffering from high blood pressure can effectively be treated.

He said the verses of Holy Quran directly put useful effects on human’s heart and make an ailing person healthy.

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