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Gang war in city continues for third day

Nasir Mahmood

Thursday, June 30, 2011 - Karachi—The armed clashes between some rival groups which started three days ago in Pak Colony and Golimar, continued on Wednesday as the militants kept hurling hand grenades and shooting each other on Tuesday.

According to details, Lyari and its adjacent areas became a battleground since Monday night, where routine and commercial activities were suspended as police and Rangers were unable to control the situation. Armed miscreants continued to open fire at each other and also hurled hand grenades which triggered panic and tension in the people residing in those areas. Sources said that it had been three days since the dwellers of Pak Colony are confined within their homes thus exposed to shortage of food and items of daily use. Pak Colony was presenting a look like a war-torn locality; meanwhile, more than 100 families were migrated to other places given the tensed situation in the area.

The militants took control over more than 40 houses and turned the same as bunkers and were using them to target their opponents from there, sources told media. On the other hand, police and other law enforcement agencies were rendering criminal silence over the situation. During today’s incidents, a 14-year Rehan, 17-year Khursheed and Mushtaq (42) had received injuries.

Later in the day, women and young girls staged protest by blocking old Golimar Road against three-day long armed clashes. The protesting women placed hurdles on the road which clogged the traffic for many hours and kept chanting slogans against the inefficiency of government, police and other law enforcement agencies in taking control over the unrest in their areas. “Police are doing nothing to establish peace here,” protestors alleged. DSP Qaiser Shah said that narrow lanes caused difficulties for law enforcement agencies to bring the situation under control. The disturbed areas are: Gulbahar, Golimar, Raxer Line, Gutter Baghicha and other interlink localities of Lyari.

Sources said there were different groups who caused intense crossfire. The groups involved in the gang war were Amin and Sajid group affiliated with Lyari gangster Baba Ladla, successor of Rehman Dacait, while Nasir Baloch, sub-group of Arshad Pappu and Ghaffar Zikri, owned the second group.
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