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Students showcase innovative talents at art exhibition

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011 - Islamabad—Students of National University of Modern Languages (NUML) on Tuesday showcased their innovative talents in an arts and crafts exhibition held on Tuesday, attracting a significant audience.

The exhibition was jointly organized by the students and the faculty of the university with an aim to provide a platform to the students to showcase their artistic talents and creativity.

As many as 15 participants from the varsity displayed 250 items of their artwork in different categories including regional art and craft, miniature paintings and calligraphic works, photography, oil painting, textile, graphic designing, printmaking and pen ending, flower arrangements.

“Such exhibitions are arranged during summer course to provide students a chance to take part in co-curricular activities along with their studies”, Shazia Rose from Student Affairs Committee of NUML said.

While appreciating the art and work of students at exhibition she said “I am impressed with artistic skills and creative minds of students at exhibition and such exhibition play crucial role in learning about cultural arts.

The participants showcased their art in different items representing Pakistani culture, Muslim Art and Modern art and explained their arts to the visitors.

The exhibition reflected Pakistani images, culture and tradition and it was a flourishing attempt to promote regional harmony of the country along with talent and creative skills of the young artists.

Featuring over 30 artistic items of a young artist Mohammad Bilal Qureshi, the exhibition depicts different aspects of nature through landscapes, flowers, sketch work and figurative imagery.

The artist has used various media, including water color, pen and pencil, oil on canvas and collage. “Art is a vast field through which one can see the natural things in different angles, and I tried to represent my culture, people who are ignored in the society in my works”, Muhammad Bilal Qureshi said.

Sketch of pots and buildings, fantasy figures and contemporary images dominated his paintings in water colors, oil paintings and pencil work.

Amna Butt who wanted admirers of art to fully understand and feel sense of art in our culture into her work displayed her unique works in textile.

The works of Sana Jafri and Sundas were exhibited in glass painting while the participants worked on dynamic pieces of art influenced by Islamic Art in the discipline of calligraphy.

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