Destiny of Asia lies in hands of Asian people: Rabbani


Meeting of special committee on creation of Asian Parliament

Staff Reporter

Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani Tuesday said Asia should look within itself and must decide its own destiny as the white racism and Western Imperialism are not going to solve its problems.
He said that we the Parliamentarians of Asia sitting here represent the people who are suffering, under nourished, are the object of poverty and victim of terrorism.
If we were unable to find indigenous solution for the problems of our own people history will not forgive us, Raza Rabbani remarked, said a press release issued by Senate Secretariat.
He was addressing inaugural ceremony of Meeting of Special Committee for Creation of Asian Parliament (SCCAP) and Standing Committee on Political Affairs, Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA).
This important high level meeting is being hosting Senate of Pakistan from 13-17 March, 2017 in Islamabad.
More than 70 parliamentarians from 23 Asian countries are participating in the meeting.
Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani expressed that nations have bilateral issues and regions have their own conflicting interests; yet the people of Asia are represented at this forum.
He said that Asia is a land of natural resources but these resources were exploited by western imperialism.
He remarked that Asia still continues to suffer through neo-colonialism.
He pointed out the changed context of the world highlighting consequences of BREXIT and US Presidential elections.
Raza Rabbani said that the rise of white racism is a threat to Asian region and it is this threat that Asia come across.
He cautioned that Asia must counter this threat and look for its destiny. He gave an idea that the people of Asia will lose hope in their Parliament, if our generation failed to rise up to their expectations. He exclaimed that this meeting is a positive beginning, moving towards narrowing our distances. He hoped that the meeting which is taking place at a very high time would produce good results.
Speaker of National Assembly, Ayaz Sadiq, appreciated APA performance in promoting unity and prosperity. He confirmed Asia as the engine of Global Economy, nourishing the largest population of the world and contributing heavily to the UN Peacekeeping Missions. However, Asia has severe shared challenges.
Speaker of People’s Assembly of Syrian parliament, Dr. Hadiyeh Abbas, believed that the need for cooperation and solidarity is greater than ever before.
Speaker of the National Assembly of Bhutan, Mr. Lyonpo Jigme Zangpo, demonstrated that diversity has always been the mass-code of Asia and fragmentation of our continent would never render to cooperation.
The SCCAP Committee must represent collaborated interests, commitment and symbolize unity in sharing our resources.
He added another perspective to this mechanism that our Parliaments may vary in working but we have similar goals strengthening parliamentary performance.
A delegate from Cambodia also deliberated on the importance of Parliament in promoting peace and security in regional and global affairs. He also noted that political stability is indispensable in Asia. Thereby, peace and security needs efficient peace mechanisms; hence, parliamentary system is foremost to promote dialogue and cooperation.