Denial of Srinagar Friday prayers condemned


Staff Reporter


The Secretary General of the Kashmir Peace Institute (KPI) Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi has condemned continuous denial of offering Friday prayers by Indian forces at Central Jamia Mosque Srinagar for fourth consequtive Fridays, calling it gruesome exposure of Indian secularism in Jammu and Kashmir. J&K is a virtual jail now.
When his attention was drawn towards denial of Friday [July 14] prayers by Kashmiri Muslims at Jamia Mosque the Secretary General said that India was out to decimate the cultural identity of Kashmir and Kashmiris. It is all being done under Hindutva bias, a specialty with Premier Narendera Modi, he added.
Would heaven fall if Friday prayers are allowed at Jamia Mosque? Would there be some earthquake if Muslim faithfuls offer their prayers there? What else is more biased and prejudiced than the disallowing religious obligations.
He said that converse to this treatment the Muslims of Kashmir donated blood for the injured Yatris and proved thmselves as open hearted and humane fellows and citizens.
Secretary General also condemned unabated house confinement of elderly politician Syed Ali Gilani who is in his very advance age. It is simply inhuman to keep confined a person almost for a decade. This unravels the claim to democracy by India in occupied Kashmir.