Dengue hits Peshawar

SEVEN dengue patients have so far reportedly died in Peshawar and over nine hundred have been affected by the disease and majority of them are in hospitals. According to residents, the disease has assumed epidemic dimensions due to negligence of the health authorities and the Provincial Government.
Dengue is there in the country for the last several years but its concentration was in Punjab where several people died and thousands were affected. The Punjab Government has since then invested both money and efforts to overcome the disease and as a result a meeting held in Rawalpindi on Friday was informed that of one thousand people who came to hospitals so far this year for diagnosis only one was tested positive and treated successfully. It was because of the successful experiment of the Punjab Government that Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has offered assistance in tackling the problem. We believe that the offer should not be ignored because of political considerations and we should join hands to root out this disease. Dengue spreads due to unhygienic conditions and one can see that the overall state of cleanliness in Peshawar is pathetic as heaps of solid wastes are seen on different roads and localities. There is no or little fumigation despite the fact that monsoon offers ideal conditions for mosquito to breed and bite. It is because of lack of concern by the relevant authorities that the affected people have started protests. The problem needs to be addressed on priority as movement of the affected people to other areas of the province or the country could infect other people as well.

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