Death sentence to Kulbhushan


An in-service Indian navy spy Kulbhushan Yadav was caught by Pakistani agencies when entering Pakistan from Iranian border. First of all India refused to accept him as his citizen. After investigation when he recognized and pointed-out hundreds of other spies working under his directives for last many years for destabilization of Pakistan then, India started his rescue in one way or other.
Now, India went to ICJ for his release mentioning as “egregious violation of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations”. The question arises whether India accepted ICJ since her establishment? And whether ICJ’s manifesto permits for sending spies to another State for destabilizing? Whether ICJ taken any notice in case of Modi – Indian PM – who claimed openly, during a visit to Bangladesh that India detached East Pakistan with the sole help of RAW – Mukti Bhani — after martyring lakhs of innocent Muslims, especially those were defending their motherland legally and logically as is permitted around the world! So, let’s hang Kulbhushan Yadav without wasting a single day and then submit a case in ICJ and the likes against Modi’s company, for death sentence – for which we are already late – without hearing from any corner because of their own admission of the crime!
Muhammad Azam Minhas
Tatrinote, AK