CTP facing acute shortage of fork lifters


City Reporter

The City Traffic Police (CTP) are unable to take action against illegal parking and encroachment in the metropolis as it have only 29 fork lifters to clean the main roads from illegal parking.
The wrongly parked vehicles at main roads including Jail Road, Wahdat Road, The Mall, Walton Road, Abbot Road, Ferozpur Road and outside markets such as Shah Alam, Old Anarkali, Rang Mehal, Ichhra, Urdu Bazaar and others during peak hours aggravated traffic issues in the city.
Though the available fork lifters were busy in lifting vehicles parked wrongly, their number was insufficient to cope with the problem as thousands of vehicles were parked illegally on those areas that have already been declared as “No Parking”.
A citizen Anwaar Elahi, while talking to APP, said that wrongly parked vehicles on the road connecting main road to other road causing traffic jam on both sides, adding that wrong parking could be dealt by provision of more lifting and toeing vehicles to the traffic police.
The CTP should be equipped with more human resources, fork lifters and other equipments to end the illegal parking from the city, he added.
When contacted, Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Rai Ijaz Ahmed told media the Punjab government had provided three more fork lifters increasing the number to 29 from 26, adding the government had also given approval to the CTP to get fork lifters on rent from third party in order to take action against wrong parking.
He said the CTP had launched a number of campaigns against illegal parking which yield positive results, whereas a number of education campaigns were also initiated by the CTP to educate the people about traffic rules and laws.

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