CSR activities need to be continued to benefit poor


Staff Reporter

Islamabad—Putting ban on CSR activities will further marginalize the poor and underprivileged communities. This was stated by Ms Mossarat Qadeem, Executive Director PAIMAN Alumni Trust in a statement issued to the media.
“Tobacco entities in Pakistan have been providing services over years to the poor in the form of education, healthcare, clean drinking water and livelihood opportunities, especially to women. The ‘Prohibition of Tobacco and Protection of Non-Smokers Act 2016’ bill will cease the community uplift activities which will directly affect the already marginalized communities”, she said.
PAIMAN Alumni Trust has been working for the last four years with tobacco sector and has benefited around 18,885 poor and marginalized people in health, education and women economic empowerment. “Ban on CSR activities will deprive the poor communities who have been benefiting for years from Tobacco Sector interventions in Pakistan”, she added.
“We, on behalf of civil society organizations, request the Senate Committee to look at the humanitarian and social aspects of the bill and disallow the passing of this bill which is going to affect the large communities of marginalized and underprivileged Pakistanis”, she concluded.