Creek Marina Project


Why blame the politicians, when the entire country is out there to cheat the last penny out of your pocket the first chance they get (as it is not much is left in that pocket to begin with). Trust has become the most wildly abused concept in this society, where it had always been difficult to hold anyone accountable for a verbal commitment but even the legally binding contracts have been trampled upon with such ease now. In a society like that how will people trade, rent out houses, give out loans or invest in projects without losing sleep over the potential loss of their asset or property.
When my father first brought the brochure of the Creek Marina Project we were very excited. It had seemed like a Dream come true project till it became a dream that ceased in mid step and is showing no sign of coming true. Imagine the shock, resentment and disappointment of a man who had invested his lifelong savings into this house. A man who had dreamt of spending his retired life comfortably in a nice cozy place he can call home. All he sees his hard earned money going down the drain like many others. But the prudent man he was, he had done all the background checks before investing such a huge sum, but apparently that wasn’t enough. Because even the so-called high-end projects, by apparently well reputed companies backed by strong authorities like DHA are going in vain. I earnestly request the Government of Pakistan/Sindh, DHA, KBCA, Judicial bodies and law enforcement agencies to take notice of the Creek Marina Project, where numerous people are awaiting justice on the case and return of their hard-earned money.
Rabia Siddiqui