Crans Montana Forum begins in Dakhla, Morocco

Gauhar Zahid Malik

Dakhla, Morocco

A three day Crans Montana Forum organized under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco bagan here to discuss vital issues concerning Africa. On the first day the topic of the forum was Agriculture and food security in Africa.
The subject was discussed by the panelists in the light of Green Plan for Morocco. The experts discussed the topic under various themes. The themes were agriculture and climate change, water for agriculture, soil management and sustainable agriculture, financing African agriculture and climate risk for agriculture. The forum will discuss topics of interest to small Islands as developing states.
A no of heads of government and leading experts and prominent journalists are taking part in the discussions of the forum. Executive Editor, Pakistan Observer, Mr. Gauhar Zahid Malik is also among the participants Earlier two major events, in 2015 and 2016 were extraordinary success with over 2000 participants representing more than 150 countries, and 500 journalists and media from all around the World (end) This success is the confirmation that Dakhla has definitely become the laboratory of the Africa of tomorrow!
The warm welcome given to the Crans Montana Forum, especially by the local population, and the tremendous enthusiasm of decision makers from all over the World convinced us that our mission in Dakhla is not completed yet. This is why the Forum on Africa and South-South Cooperation will be back in Dakhla from 16 to 21 March 2017! This third edition will gather once again key decision makers and will (1)open an in-depth debate on a new Africa for the 21st Century, the structuring role of Morocco and the huge potential arising from the South-South Cooperation, with a focus on SIDS’ integration, (2) underline the Kingdom’s ambitious policies for the South Territories, which make Dakhla a model for all Africa and (3) give to the population of the Sahara the possibility to have a real dialogue with worldwide political and economic actors.
Africa has always been at the heart of the Crans Montana Forum activities, representing the greatest hope in a World in disarray. The Kingdom’s ambitious policies thus found a special resonance with the Crans Montana Forum which decided to pursue its commitment within the framework of a lasting cooperation.
The Forum strongly believes that Dakhla is a development model for all Africa, that underlines the Kingdom’s role as the African center of gravity of the South-South Cooperation. This new edition will confirm Dakhla’s positioning on the politics and business World map, as a unique and original place, proving that where there is a vision, success becomes achievable. It is with enthusiasm and determination that the Crans Montana Forum will return to Dakhla in 2017.