CPEC as a game changer


Ikram Sharif

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is an important development in the history of Pakistan. It is a game changer project for the Asian countries in the the broad context, especially for China and Pakistan. China is the emerging economic power in world context. Pakistan is a developing country and CPEC would be a real blessing, but it needed to be brought home to every citizen of Pakistan even a layman.
Unfortunately, as a nation we are always vulnerable victims of conspiracy theories, where the mega projects are controversialised to the benefit of the enemies of Pakistan. Those who have not even seen the root map of the CPEC project are finding fault in it, hence a futile but endless debate has been started in the name of the change of root, by some politicians and media. CPEC is a gigantic 45 billion dollar project and it will bring a big change in the economic sector of the state. So, Government should focus on early completion of CPEC.