CPEC: A Road to Peace

Muhammad Adrees

Three Months ago, trucks moving cargo from China started offloading containers to ships at newly constructed Gwadar port of Pakistan duly financed by Pakistan-China, marking the operational opening under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The scale of the $51 billion infrastructure scheme will change Pakistan’s economy and create hope for easing its internal and external conflicts. I am sure CPEC will make stable, prosperous, industrialized and bright Pakistan and will paint new, positive and confident portrait of Pakistan in world.
CPEC, is not only a road, it is well acknowledged project which includes the up gradation of highways, railway lines, much needed new power plants, state of the art Gwadar airport, Hospitals, vocational institutes, water reservoirs and the deepwater port at Gwadar to ease the path for exports and safe connectivity. In the most hopeful circumstances, CPEC could serve as the gateway for connecting Pakistan to India, Afghanistan, the Central Asian republics and even Iran from western China to rest of the world.
We need more planning and mutual consent for execution as we saw political battles continue over local opportunities created by CPEC projects, and we also need to monitor its overall economic impact and must be focused to reduce tensions among the country’s fractious regions and political parties, while the strengthening ties with China are developing a broader outlook of Pakistan in world.
Balochistan is 43% of Pakistan and major stake in CPEC was badly experienced an insurgency by some non state actors who want to destabilize Pakistan and this historic opportunity. The far away and remote areas of Balochistan and Sindh will get a great portion of development and infrastructure from this billions dollar Project.
Terrorism is major hindrance in the way of progress and now without any doubt is almost defeated by the help of Allah Almighty and by the sacrifices of Pakistanis. I must appreciate the efforts and commitment of Pakistan armed forces to neutralize these miscreants from Balochistan and other parts of Pakistan. this is the time to unite as nation by ignoring all clashes to make Pakistan as Dr. Allama Iqbal dreamed and must join hands with china by hardworking.
Pakistan is not only beneficiary of flagship investment of China in Pakistan, According to Zhao Hai, a research fellow with the National Strategy Institute at China’s Tsinghua University Investing in Pakistan meets multiple objectives for China also, for instance China hopes that the CPEC will help to address its own concerns related to the Uighur population in Xinjiang province, where the corridor begins. Xinjiang has been the site of frequent flare-ups between Chinese authorities and the Uighurs. The central government of China hopes that the CPEC will give a new lease of life to region’s economy, and ultimately it will reduce tensions with the Uighurs and attract a more diverse population in Xinjiang province.
By CPEC, Sino–Pak relations are transforming into an innovative chapter of economic development. China is a growing industrial power and Pakistan could easily benefit from China’s US$ 11 trillion economy and admired progress. The only thing which is required determination to develop right applications and structures; as (CPEC) has the potential to be one of the biggest economic assets of the future.

—The writer is Chairman & CEO Sitara Chemical Industries Faisalabad and former President Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (2015)

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