Country far behind in health, edu sectors: JI


Lahore—Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that the development and prosperity of a society was measured by its systems of education and health and not its bridges and roads, adding country were far behind in both aspects. Talking to the media during his visit to the Jinnah hospital Sirajul Haq said that the Prime Minister and the Punjab Chief Minister made tall claims of progress but the actual position in the health sector was extremely poor. The Punjab capital was considered the heart of Pakistan but the number of patients in government hospitals was many times more than the beds in hospitals and each bed was occupied by several patients. He said that only a healthy nation could march on the path of progress and prosperity.
DMS Jinnah Hospital Dr Waheed Imran took the JI chief to different wards and sections of the hospital, and also explained his problems. The JI chief also gave away gifts to the patients.
Replying to newsmen question on the occasion, Sirajul Haq said that holding public meetings and procession was the democratic rights of political parties which could not be denied. However, he said, it would be better for the government to present itself for accountability and set up a judicial commission for enquiry. He said that a meeting of the JI Central Shoora was being held in the city from September 23, to review the party’s drive against corruption and decide the future line of action.
Earlier, while addressing a large Eid congregation at Mansoora mosque, Sirajul Haq said that future of the humanity lay in Islam. He exhorted the Muslim all over the world to forge unity in their rank and prepare a common strategy for the liberation of their occupied areas including Kashmir and Palestine.
He said that the Holy Quran provided a complete and best guidance to the human beings. He said that so many dictators had perished in human history while several man made system including Socialism, Communism and Secularism had misled humanity at different times.
The JI chief said that the Muslim rulers had forgotten the past glory of the Muslim Ummah and were keen to copy the west in every sphere. The rulers had adopted the interest based economic system emulating the west as was a war with the Allah and His Prophet. He said the country’s economy could be stabilized only by adopting the Islamic system of life. He also urged the Muslim world and rulers to raise their voice against the executions of prominent JI leaders in Bangladesh as they were being penalized only for their love for Islam and Pakistan. He said, the common man should enjoy rights equal to the rulers. He said the JI was striving for a system in which the common man got justice at his doorstep and also enjoyed basic facilities of health, education and shelter.
Sirajul Haq stressed upon the media to play its role in the propagation of the message of Islam instead of blindly copying the western and the alien culture.—INP