Sophia Siddiqui

Islamabad—The Steering Committee established to formulate the National Counter Extremism Policy for Pakistan (NCEP) has held its first meeting here expressing the resolve to build upon the contributions received through a long deliberative process wherein political leadership, religious leaders, scholars, academics, media, civil society organizations, civil and military bureaucracy gave their input on the subject.
The Committee was established and mandated to evaluate the recommendations received from multiple stakeholders during National Counter Extremism workshop held in July 2016, and will formulate a National Counter Extremism Policy for the Country. Senator Mushah c id Hussain Syed, the Convener, commended the timely formation of the Committee as a step towards consolidating the peace achieved and marked by visible decline in incidence of terrorism in the year 2015.
Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed emphasized that the NCEP will be formulated under the framework of legal order and Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and shall recognize the supremacy of the constitution. The NCEP is being prepared keeping in view the significance of contextualization of problem, causes, sources, and perspectives regarding extremism peculiar to each region in Pakistan, as a prerequisite for formulation of a realistic policy document.
In this regard, a meeting with provincial Chief Secretaries, Inspector Generals of Police, and Home Secretaries will be held in the coming week. Members will also be coming up with their recommendations to formulate the first consolidated draft in early November.
The Committee laid down its road map for future and envisions to come up with a first policy draft by early November.
It agreed that the policy themes will include concept of national security, building community resilience, culture revival, education reforms, media engagement, rehabilitating and reintegration, enabling environment, and a robust implementation strategy to ensure that the work bears its desired results. It shall hold weekly meeting s the hugely significant task entrusted to it.
The roadmap included for timely completion of that work of the Steering Committee will not come to a halt upon formulation of a document regarding National Counter Extremism Policy, rather it will commence upon its formulation, viz. the implementation of the policy in collaboration with provincial and national stakeholders.