Corruption: Source of all ills

Every department in our society seems to be full of corruption. Every person in our society is contributing to the vicious cycle of corruption. Corruption is moral evil, despite that we have made it our part of life. It plays an important role in the obstruction of prosperity of the nations. Although system of accountability is present in the whole world but this evil seems beyond the limits of said system.
There is a Quranic Verse “Oh people eat everything Halal on earth and don’t follow the devil” (Al Quran 168:2) We have ignored teachings of the Holy Quran and earn by unjust means. “Corruption is like poison which needs to be put down with an iron hand (M.A Jinnah). Here it is pertinent to mention that corruption is a source of all ills in society like unemployment of the youth, bribery, food deficiency, poverty, illiteracy, terrorism, food and water crises, bad health facilities, unpatriotic leaders, child labour, smuggling, inflation.
Government is paying no or little attention to check this menace. It is a materialistic age and everyone wants to earn more and more by any means. The only way to eradicate this problem is to check ourselves as to how much we are loyal to our country, society, people and work.
In order to eliminate corruption it is necessary that the government must be stable. There should be jobs on merit for deserving candidates. Salaries and wages should be increased. Justice delayed is justice denied. Our courts are full with cases based on corruption but because of fewer judges, and the delay pattern prevalent in the court the verdict appears late. Proper system of check and balance should be made effective. Law is same for all and people should aware of their rights.

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