Commanders put across firm message


IN the backdrop of veiled and naked threats being hurled from across the eastern border, Corps Commanders, who met in Rawalpindi on Monday under the chairmanship of Army Chief General Raheel Sharif, put across an unambiguous message to all that the Pakistan Armed forces, are cognizant of the current regional situation and its impact on security of the country and are fully prepared to respond to entire spectrum of direct and indirect threats.
Hopefully, the message would be understood by those who are entertaining absurd ideas like hot pursuit and surgical strikes into Azad Kashmir or Pakistani territory. This idea has been cooking up for quite sometime in New Delhi and is being heard once again following Uri attack, which has been blamed on Pakistan without investigations and proof. The conflicting versions emanating from New Delhi about the site of the attack and the ground circumstances clearly showed that the incident has been engineered by Indian army itself to defame Pakistan and pressurize it at a time when Indian Army is getting negative narrative because of its shameful conduct in Occupied Kashmir. The meeting of the Corps Commanders, therefore, was timely and conveyed a firm message to the enemy that it will have to pay a heavy cost if any misadventure was conceived. This is not mere a statement but a fact substantiated by ground realities as despite their multi-dimensional engagements, the Pak Armed forces have always demonstrated their firm commitment to foil designs of the enemy. The nation stands united behind the valiant Armed forces when it comes to defending the motherland. Therefore, India must not entertain any idea of behaving like regional super power trying to dictate its terms through use of force. The international community should also take serious notice of the bellicose posture of India as this would undermine Pakistan’s efforts to combat terror. The country has diverted troops from the eastern border to fight terrorists around western border and any threat emanating from India will force re-deployment imperilling the successes so far achieved in the war against terror.