Climate resilience core part of govt economic growth model


Muhammad Arshad

Climate Change Minister, Mushahidullah Khan, Monday, said that climate change-resilience and sustainable development have been recognised as core components of the economic growth model being pursued by the present government. “No socio-economic gains yielded by any economic growth or development models can sustain, if these are not climate change-resilient and adaptive to the fallouts of the global warming-induced shifting and erratic weather patterns,” Mr. Khan told during his keynote address at a day-long national workshop on United Nation’s Clean Development Mechanism.
The event was organized by the climate change ministry in collaboration with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Japan-based Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES).
The climate change minister told the participants of the event held here on Monday at a local hotel that the present government’s growth-centric economic model aimed to achieve overall sustainable socio-economic and environmental development through various policy measures, particularly: poverty reduction, improved living standards of the people, good health and well-being, sustainable cities and communities, quality education, hunger eradication, increased energy access.
“But efforts have been made to ensure that these policy measures for achieving overall socio-economic and environmental development is resilient to the impacts of the climate change-induced extreme weather events including, riverine and urban flooding, land erosion, shifting and unpredictable rainfall patterns, groundwater depletion, irregular river flows,” the climate change minister highlighted. Talking about the UN-administered Clean Development Mechanism’s (CDM) adoption in the country, so far 75 CDM projects have been commissioned by the United Nations and out of which several projects have been registered with CDM Executive Board.