Citizens urge Railways Minister to restore cancelled trains


Staff Reporter

Citizens of Lahore-Narowal-Sialkot section have urged Pakistan Railways (PR) minister and PR administration to restore all trains which were cancelled during the government of Pakistan People’s Party.
Talking to media persons on Wednesday, a senior citizen Nasir Bhatti who is a regular passenger on this section, said that a large number of Sialkot, Narowal, Narang and Lahore passengers are workers of Pakistan Muslim League and they do not have better option of travelling from their home towns except the railways.
Protesting against cancellation of about 10 trains on this section, Asghar Khan, a representative of the civil society said these trains were cancelled without any justification about 4 years ago and a weak plea was taken that due to security risk, trains were being cancelled after Kamonke train burning incident.
He alleged that these trains had been cancelled under the malafide intentions for Narowal communities. PR passengers association patron Riaz Bhatti said that the local communities have requested and demanded restoration of all cancelled trains on Lahore-Narowal and Sialkot Section.
He said it was also a genuine demand to extend Akbar Bugti Express Train (23 up/24 down) upto Sialkot from Lahore as the train is already plying between Quetta and Lahore. He said that extension in the route would generate tremendous revenue for PR like Allama Iqbal express train which is a very successful train between Sialkot and Karachi.