China’s clear message to India


AT a time when New Delhi has launched a diplomatic offensive against Pakistan to malign it internationally, China has once again come up with a clear message in support of Pakistan, warning India against pursuing political gains in the name of countering terrorism. The remarks made by the Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Li Baodong have come at a significant time as President Xi Jinping is also visiting Goa this week to attend the BRICs Summit.
India harbours nefarious designs against Pakistan, is a fact known to everybody. In fact it has embarked upon an evil mission to get Pakistan declared a terrorist state in order to squeeze and isolate it at the international level. Modi has also made his intentions very clear regarding Pakistan in his recent venom coated speeches. And the tabling of a bill in the US Congress by two US lawmakers seeking designation of Pakistan as a terrorist state is nothing but the work of Indian lobbying which is very actively working in Washington against Pakistani interests because of which the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan was also halted. The Modi government is trying to impose its hegemony in cooperation with some powers in the region with its own narratives but much to their despair, these efforts have failed because of the principled and joint positions adopted by China and Pakistan. As India wants to get Azhar Masood blacklisted in another attempt to portray Pakistan as a state of terrorists, China while extending its technical hold on the Indian application has repeated its position that such a decision should be taken with impartiality, objectivity and the availability of solid evidences. While appreciating Beijing for playing very constructive and vital role in the UNSC, we will urge other permanent members to also be fair and unbiased in their conduct, which in fact will pave the way for resolution of lingering disputes including that of Kashmir where currently India has unleashed a reign of terror. As our credentials against terrorism are well established, we are sure the Indian propaganda is bound to lick the dust.