China breaks her record herself


Zeeshan Nasir

China is the home of world’s eight biggest bridges out of the ten highest bridges the world over and most of them are situated in remote mountainous parts of the country. Recently, China has made the record in the completion of the ‘world’s highest bridge’ standing 1,850 feet above the ground named as Beipanjiang Bridge that links two of China’s most remote provinces – Guizhou Province and Yunnan Province.
Engineers joined the last set of decks on September 10, marking the completion of the structure, which has cost three consecutive years and 780 million RMB (£88 million) to build. The 1,341-metre span is expected to open to traffic at the end of this year and will cut road trips from Liupanshui in Guizhou to Xuanwei in neighbouring Yunnan province from around five hours to less than two.
It broke the previous record holder, Sidu River Bridge which is situated in central China’s Hubei Province. The vertigo-inducing Sidu River Bridge, completed in 2009, is built between two mountains over a 1,627-foot-deep valley, while some media claim it’s 1,830 feet high. Besides Beipanjiang Bridge, Chinese engineers are also building what’s set to be the world’s second highest bridge that is known as Jinshajiang Bridge. The massive traffic link stands at an impressive 512 metres high (1,680 feet) and spans across the raging Jinsha River in southern China’s Yunnan Province for the construction of which ground was broken last year and the bridge is expected to be completed in 2021.
In fact, this is unbelievable that most of the bridges are built in China. China is making many records in the field of construction and eyeing some other records as well. Now let’s see who will break this record of making the biggest and highest bridge like the “Beipanjiang Bridge”.
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