Cheating through social media


Ubaid Zehri

It is very sad to say that during the examinations, students use WhatsApp and other social sites for cheating. This practice has badly affected the interest of students to work hard. Candidates easily receive answers from WhatsApp etc and easily solve the papers within one-two hours. It is worth mentioning that social media has created new opportunities for cheating.
The examination system is not very strict in some parts of the country. Invigilators do not check the candidates before entering exam halls. If cheating culture continues, the talent of youth will be wasted and they will not be able to do any creative work and thus our country will not be able to produce good engineers, doctors, officers, etc. Moreover. I would like to mention that those who neither attend classes nor prepare for exams secure very good marks in the exams which is a very big Question Mark on our educational system.
The government must take effective steps or formulate a new examination policy to stop cheating. If cheating is not stopped, people with zero talent will have bachelor/master degree because some people give bribery to get the favour of invigilators during the exams and with help of cheating get degrees. It is astonishing to mention that due to cheating culture, nowadays the bachelor degree holders apply even for the posts which fall in the class-IV category i.e. peon, naib qasid and watchman.

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