Central African Republic ranks highest in world hunger


United Nations—The most recent Global Hunger Index, published by the International Food Policy Research Institute, found that the global community is not on course to end hunger by the UN’s goal of 2030.
The report found that if hunger declines at the same rate as the report finds it has since 1992, more than 45 countries will still have ‘moderate’ to ‘alarming’ scores in 2030.
The Central African Republic ranks first in the list with the current conflict ruining the country and hindering progress in the country
According to the report however, it is not all bad news. From the 2000 GHI to the 2016 GHI, 22 countries made remarkable progress, reducing their GHI scores by 50 percent or more. Seventy countries made considerable progress with scores that dropped by between 25.0 percent and 49.9 percent, and 22 countries decreased their GHI scores by less than 25 percent.—Agencies