Cell phone addiction


Fizzah Yusuf Ansari

In the last few years, addiction to cell phone is increasingly becoming a problem, especially for teenagers who use mobile phones for many hours daily. Talking and sending messages or missed calls may develop psychological disorder, phantom pocket vibration syndrome, monophobia, computer vision syndrome, iposture texture and text neck and text claw and cell phone elbow.
Mobile addicts tend to neglect important activities or studies renounce from friends and close family deny the problem and think about their mobile constantly when they do not have it with them. Most mobile addicts are people with developing social relations and feel the urge to be constantly connected and in contact with others.
In last I would like to say media should discourage mobile phone ads because these advertisement fantasies more through new models/features etc. Mobile phone can be even positive for teenagers since it enables them to keep their near and feel backed by their peers, but misusing this device can have irreversible effects on the development of teenagers personality.

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