Causes of child labour


Munaj Gul Muhammad

Child labour is very common in all over the world, but especially common in South Asian countries, like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and many more. Children are working in fields, offices, garage ,shops or etc, they are the ages of 8 and 16. Children are the gift from God and the beauty of a nation, but they are being miss value in our country, because they are the sons and daughters of poor people. This the cup of our government tea that the winsom lives of children are spoiled by the poverty.
Recently, I was going the a shop to buy a newspaper where I was a small child aged 9 was carrying his master’s luggages which were almost 12 to 9 KG when I saw the boy became shocked that how his master was doing injustice with him. Carrying oversized bags or luggages can destroy the backbone of the children any that also can be the cause of their death. I humbly request to the government of Pakistan to overcome and eradicate child labour in Pakistan and in order to make a free or safe country for the children.
—Turbat, Kech