Caught in their own deceit


Javaid Bashir

By leaking the story to Dawn newspaper the government operatives have been caught in the web of their own deceit. No explanation or argument can justify their treachery. The inquiry would not only reveal their names but their intentions and motives too. They are trying to hide behind the wall of secrecy and freedom of expression. Prime Minister’s house is the source of this damaging, twisted story. The news story was broken with evil intentions, to malign the armed forces and security institutions. Cyril has been made the scapegoat. For present he has taken the cover of Freedom of Press or Expression. Once the law takes the course he will have to submit to cooperate with the Inquiry committee.
With my legal expertise I think he will have to expose the names and divulge his sources of the story. The Editor, the Publisher and the reporter are all responsible for the publication & wide circulation of the false & fabricated news and the breach of National Security. They perhaps think they are the dare-devils and can escape responsibility or hoodwink the real issues. No one can condone this blatant breach of national security. The story has proved to be the fodder for the negative propaganda of the enemies.
Ch. Nisar Ali Khan has categorically said the reporter and other related persons will held for the Inquiry and not allowed to go abroad. I think he has made his intentions clear and will take stern action against the culprits. We applaud him for his timely clarification and appreciate his concerns about the National Security.
—Via email

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