Calcium deficiency causing osteoporosis


Quetta —Senior doctors said that deficiency of Calcium, Vitamin D, testosterone and estrogen in body, use of alcohol and smoking and inactive life style have increased vulnerability to Osteoporosis and added that hundreds of thousands of people in Pakistan are at risk of the disease.
They said that people in Pakistan are forced to spend huge money on treatment of diseases pertaining to bones. They said that a large number of people are vulnerable to bone diseases, especially Osteoporosis, adding that 80 percent of women aged above 45 year are at risk of Osteoporosis.
They said that hundred of thousands of people in Pakistan are inflicted with bone diseases after they adopted inactive life style as they spend most of their time at their laptops and smart phones.
They said this while addressing Public Awareness Seminar organized by renowned Orthopedic and Spinal Surgeon and President, Pakistan Osteoporosis Society Balochistan chapter, Prof-Dr. Lal Muhammad Kakar here.
Addressing the seminar, Prof-Dr. Lal Muhammad Kakar said that over 61 million people have Osteoporosis. Ten million Pakistanis are at risk of Osteoporosis, of them 80 percent are women, he said. He said that World Health Organization has declared Osteoporosis, a silent killer. Vitamin D and Calcium deficiencies have been causing bone diseases as a large number of people have a poor calcium intake, he said, adding that risk factor of Osteoporosis included steroid, kidney problems and thyroid gland problem.
Hip and spinal factures are major concerns. The risk for Osteoporosis depends how much bone mass we attained in young life, he said. He said that avoid smoking and limiting alcohol help in preventing Osteoporosis.
Prof-Dr. Baqi Durrani said that hundreds of thousands of women above age 45 are vulnerable to Osteoporosis in Pakistan. “People of Pakistani society will have to take Calcium and Vitamin D rich diet which could be get from food including milk, butter, yogurt, almond and salmon fish,” he said.—NNI