Breast-affected Australian woman feels better for cricket


Thank you Glenn McGrath

Bipin Dani

Observer Correspondent


Margaret Lorant, the 54-year-old breast cancer affected woman in Australia is hoping to be recovered through the medical assistance and care she is receiving from the McGrath Foundation (which was established by former Australian fast bowler Glenn McGrath and his wife Jane, who died due to breast cancer).
Sam Burns, the McGrath Breast Care Nurse from Liverpool is helping her to recover from all her miseries.
“Margaret was 54 when her husband, Ian found a lump on a weekend away. Her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at 80 and her cousin is also currently going through breast cancer, however her breast cancer is not hereditary”, Sue Martin, the McGrath Foundation spokeswoman, speaking exclusively from Australia, said.
Margaret was working for Fairfax media as a copy coordinator at the time and has taken a redundancy package to focus on her health.
“She has a daughter who is 23 and Ian is her absolute rock and has helped her all the way through”, Martin added.
Margaret describes her McGrath Breast Care Nurse, Sam Burns as her “pick up lady” – someone who no matter, can pick her up and make her feel so good again. She said if Sam wasn’t there, she doesn’t know if she would have survived. She owes so much to Sam as she has “always, ALWAYS” been there for Margaret, picking her up during the most challenging time in her life.
“Margaret is just recovering from her last chemo session, and despite having a terrible time with horrendous side effects, she will be feeling much better for the cricket and is really looking forward to it – she loves sport!”, Sue Signed off.