Breaking the barriers


M Taimur Shahzad

Dwarfism is a phenomenon that is neglected in our society. These short-heighted people or “dwarfs “as they are generally known, are not only ignored but also mocked, ridiculed and discriminated. These people usually become a laughing stock for others just because of a different physical appearance. Sadly, people fail to realize that dwarfism is also a physical disability just like being blind, mute, deaf or having any other disability. Yet, instead of sympathizing with these special people, normal people choose to mock them and laugh at them. Not only this, these people are not socially accepted like rest of the citizens forcing them to do menial jobs like working at the circus, or opening doors at hotels and other places.
It is about time that society should accept these people as citizens of the country and part of the society. These people should be given the same respect and social standing all other citizens enjoy. The govt should take notice of these people and offer them proper respectable jobs instead of them being forced to work in circus and other platforms where their disability is used as a medium of entertainment. Please remember, they are a part of us, not apart from us.