BoI clarifies


Islamabad—The news article reporting meeting of MOS / Chairman, BOI with Iranian Ambassador in Pakistan dated 6th October, 2016 appeared in various sections of the media on 7th October, 2016 particularly in one section of media (Daily Express) it was published in manner that gave the impression that Pakistan declined Iranian offer to supply 3,000 MW of electricity. The BOI clarified that no such refusal was ever expressed by BOI and that it has been reported out of context. Actually during the course of meeting, Ambassador of Iran expressed Iranian government’s keenness to link Iran with CPEC project and also expressed its interest for establishment of power transmission line to Pakistan for boosting the electricity supply from 500 upto 3000 MW. Chairman informed that the government of Pakistan is very keen to boost trade & Investment with Iran, he further informed that Prime Minister of Pakistan is very much impressed from the economic development of Iran. As far power transmission to Pakistan is concerned, the Chairman BOI thanked the ambassador and expressed his view that prospects for jacking up the power supply to 3000 MW would have to be technically evaluated. As most population centers in the province are sparse and far apart. However, feasibility gradual enhancement of power supply could be evaluated in view of the existing transmission capacity and population pattern / electricity consumption pattern of Baluchistan. However, gradual enhancement of power supply could be a viable option.—PR