Board office for Khuzdar


Ubaid Zehri

Khuzdar is very well known due to its geographical importance, being the centre of political activities of Balochistan where many political parties have a large number of activists. There are also well-known educational institutions such as Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology Khuzdar, Balochistan residential college. Besides, many colleges and a large number of private and public sector schools exist in Khuzdar. It is very unfortunate to describe that there are MNAs & MPAs who are elected from Khuzdar but have never felt the need of a full-fledged secondary & intermediate board office for Khuzdar. Due to unavailability of board office, students have to move to Quetta for their minor problems i.e. correction in their academic documents, verification of documents.
I request all MNAs, MPAs of Balochistan especially the CM Balochistan who belongs to Khuzdar to personally focus on educational needs of Khuzdar as well as do his best for an establishment of a full-fledged secondary & intermediate board office for Khuzdar. The establishment of full-fledged office will give a great benefit to all institutions and students facing problems due to non-availability of board office.