Beggary, curse for a nation


Aimen Arshad

The increasing beggary in twin cities of Islamabad/Rawalpindi has assumed alarming proportions now. It is sad that with increasing poverty, beggary in our country has also increased to which no one is paying attention. Beggars are seen almost in every market and at every signal of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, whether you are in Abpara Market, Commercial Market, Saddar or in a local restaurant you’ll definitely find them around you. Some of them come in groups and some individually.
If, out of kindness, you give something to one, others will automatically storm onto you and won’t leave until and unless their hands are greased. The saddest fact is that people who are lazy and lethargic to do any work have adopted beggary as a profession and feel no shame in sending their kids, wives and daughters for begging. Some of them are actually needy. I want the higher authorities and citizens to discourage both of them.
I am suggesting some of remedies hereunder and I believe these can help reduce this curse. Firstly, kids should be admitted to schools and helped in paying their fee, books and uniform, etc. Secondly, most of the people come out for beggary because of unemployment or being handicap. So, the government should provide them jobs and if the women are skilled they can be provided something that can help them make both ends meet. Thirdly, for those who are doing it out of their laziness and lethargy, they should be punished and warned not to do this in future. Lastly, we as citizens should donate generously for the needy to root out menace from our society.

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