BD looking to extradite Mujib’s killer


Montreal—Bangladesh and Canada, after years of failed negotiations have finally agreed to find a solution to perhaps the most crucial issue between the two countries – the extradition of Noor Chowdhury.
The self-confessed killer of Mujibur Rahman has been hiding in Canada. The consensus came after a meeting between Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Canadian Premier Justin Trudeau in Montreal.
The statement came from Foreign Secretary Shahidul Huq who addressed reporters after the meeting saying that the two countries would work to find an solution to extradite Chowdhury from Canada. “The aim of the discussion would be to bring Noor Chowdhury to justice and execute the verdict of the Bangabandhu murder case,” he said.
Chowdhury, now in his 70s, is a former Bangladeshi military officer who was convicted in August, 1975 for assassinating Sheikh Mujib. The Supreme Court of Bangladesh sentenced Chowdhury along with 11 others Sheikh Mujib’s assassination case. Five of them were hanged in 2010. Chowdhury has avoided returning to Bangladesh who was granted a visitor status in Canada in 1965.—Agencies