Barahamdagh Bugti, the traitor


Israr Bhutto

It is stunning to note the so-called condolence of Baloch leader Brahamdagh Bugti over Quetta Police Training Academy and Noorani Shah Shrine carnage. He is just pretending to be the real nationalist and well-wisher of Baloch people but indirectly he is involved in executing the nefarious agendas of India for instigating violence across Balochistan so that the peace can never prevail in Balochistan. He has levelled false blames against Pak Army and law enforcement agencies for masterminding the attacks which also proves he is pro-India.
It would be pathetic to accept him as the leader of Balochs, he is only the traitor and terrorist as evident from his multiple statements in which he categorically seeks assistance in the form of funds and logistics from RAW and other external powers in order to secede Balochistan from Pakistan. Ever-since his grandfather Akbar Bugti died, he has been carrying out such depravity against Pakistan. I urge the higher authorities to take strong action against him, prosecute him on treason charges and legitimately declare him the greatest traitor.