M Rafique Zakaria

It was quite disturbing to see video footage of young boys sleeping in police lockup for having violated pillion riding ban enforced in Karachi on 20th and 21st November 2016 on account of Chelum of Hazrat Imam Hussain. Many young boys in the lock up belonged to respectable families and had spent the night in police station because police had registered FIR against them for violating ban on pillion riding and their release was only possible after their appearance in the court on the following working day (i.e. Monday). Many parents of these boys had never been to police station but their children were booked for a criminal offence. No doubt the boys were at fault for having ignored the pillion riding ban but then what can one do in case of urgency and emergency.
If a father and his son go to work together on one motorbike, why should police stop them? Or say two brothers going to work, coaching class or university? My question to our police and ministry of interior is: How many politicians, policemen, personnel of army, rangers & navy, singers, bankers and other innocent people have we been able to save from target killing after implementing pillion riding ban? If police department is not performing its duty up to the mark, why should common man suffer? I therefore urge the Sindh government and relevant law enforcement agencies to bring an end to pillion riding ban for once and for all. And if they can’t do this, then let us ban use of two wheelers in Karachi forever.