Balochistan needs universities


Hamid Ali NB

Universities play very important role in the promotion of a nation. Without universities, development of a country is a distant possibility and looks like a pipe dream. I am not concerned with the number of universities in other provinces; my concern is confined to Balochistan only where there are only 7 HEC-recognized universities. They are: Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology in Khuzdar – established in 1987, Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences – 2002, Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences – 2005, Sardar Bahadur Khan Woman’s university – 2004, University of Balochistan – 1970, University of Turbat – 2012 and University of Loralai – 2013.
To this day, there goes a lengthy list of students who have got Bachelor Degrees, but are now facing difficulties to do their Masters, since in many areas of Balochistan the education is limited to Graduation level. Because of poverty and lack of universities in Balochistan, students – both male and female – cannot afford to go another city like Karachi or provinces like Punjab to obtain their Master degrees. The central government is requested to increase the budget of Balochistan so that Balochistan government can allocate greater portion of budget for new infrastructure. Nevertheless, the Government of Balochistan is highly appreciated for taking some solid steps to increase the number of universities in Balochistan.