Assassination attempt


A tragic incident of shooting occurred on Eid Day when Kh. Izhar ul Hassan, an MQM leader, was attacked by motor cycle riders. He narrowly escaped death but a security guard was killed. One of the assailants was found hit in the head a kilometer away from the incident site. I think it is some kind of police cover up. The terrorist killed was a Professor at the KU. It is more shocking than the shooting itself. His father was arrested by the police for interrogation. This trend of educated persons turning into terrorists is quite alarming. Something is obviously wrong with our educational system. How can these terrorist groups penetrate in schools, colleges and universities and recruit these educated, well informed persons to their groups?
Kh. Izhar speaking to the Press expressed some suspicion against his inner circle’s involvement. MQM London’s hand cannot be ruled out. MQM (Pakistan) leaders expressed their concern over the security of its leaders. They squarely blamed the Sindh government for such incidents. They are playing politics and blame game. Not too long ago they were PPP ‘s coalition partners.
They are easy targets because of their own past doings. They have plenty of enemies who would love to see them off. All the people living in Pakistan are at risk. Providing security to everybody is an impossible task. It is like asking for moon. We strongly condemn the attack on the Sindh opposition leader.