Army Chief in messiah’s role


Salahuddin Haider

Army chief Qamar Bajwa appeared in messiah’s role when through his laudable initiative, he flew to Parachinar area on borders with Afghanistan, met tribal chieftains, listened to their grievances most humble manner, tried to address some of these, and persuaded them to call of their 8 says of sit-in against the terrorist attack that claimed 67 precious lives in their area.
He was candid is denouncing sectarian sentiments through arguments, that won the hearts of those on the spot, and of people throughout the country. It was a great and timely initiative. Normally, this was the job of political leadership, which unfortunately failed, never really tried to look into the problem, remained rather indifferent.
But the army chief, although not his rssposibility, looked keen from day one, and had to cancel his trip to the area earlier because of vagaries of weather. When flight became possible, he took helicopter, and senior officers to the place, cool down tempers, and succeeded in restoring sanity.
The situation was loaded with all kinds of eventualities. An unfortunate blast, suicide attack, had, party from causing human loss, had flared up tempers high, and locals were agitated at the repeated incidents. They were within their rights to demand State security for themselves, their families, property, business of vocations etc.
If the prime minister could cut short his London visit to be at Bhawalpur, in Ahmedpur East to be with the survivors and families of victims of truck inferno, he could also have gone to Parachinar and Quetta, both places having been targeted for suicide attacks.
Army chief not only sympathized with people, he issued stern warning that sectarian sentiments will not be allowed to fan, and those attempting it on social media, will be probed and taken to task. This was actually the job of an elected government, but its responsibility fell on the shoulders of a man in uniform.
Area people, reached over telephones from Karachi, were all praise for General Qamar Bajwa, and though that army chief had done a stupendous service to heal their wounds to a vert great extent. General Bajwa also announced setting up of educational institutions, and called for making Khurram agency in FATA as part of Pakistan. Each and every one, Muslim or otherwise, was equal citizen of Pakistan and such needed equal treatment.